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“Learn How to flatten your belly bulge in 5 simple steps”

The Most Important Secrets
You Must Learn
In Order To Look And Feel Your Best

A New Look for a New Woman: Get flatter, Sexier Abs with No Stomach Crunches Involved

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 “Learn How to flatten your belly bulge in 5 simple steps” 

Tired of all those stomach crunches?  Are you sick of looking in the mirror to find that your little belly bulge hasn’t gotten hasn’t got any smaller even though you keep exercising and it seems no matter what you exercise you try the little belly bulge you carry  just doesn’t want to go away.  

We’ll I’ve got a solution for you and it doesn’t involve any stomach crunches either.  Excited?   Below is a sure fired way you can get the abs you dreamed of without the stress of all those dreaded stomach crunches.  Here’s how:

The Yoga Plank Exercise

The Plank Pose is a popular exercise that was made famous by yoga but has crossed over to general fitness community over the last couple of years. One of the main reasons I like using the plank exercise to flatten my stomach instead of using stomach crunches is that it focuses on increasing core stabilization to protect the lower back from injury and it flattens the stomach just as well as the stomach crunches.  Personally, I have had more success using these methods and I don’t experience the dreadful pains in my back that I use to when I did stomach crunches.
skimble happy hour - elbow plank challenge!
skimble happy hour - elbow plank challenge! (Photo credit: mariachily)
1.      Start in a plank position.  Get your knees off the floor, keep your legs and back straight, and pull in your belly. In the plank position, you must focus on pulling your belly in to brace your lower back and stop it from arching. When the lower back arches excessively more pressure is placed on the joints in the spine. So remember to pull that belly in as you are exercising.
2.      Slowly clasp your hands in a triangle shape.   
3.      Bend your right leg (knee facing the sides, toes pointed) and place your right ankle around your left.  
4.      Lift your right leg higher than your butt.  
Do 25 and change sides.
an exercise of abs


Bent Knee Lift Position
If this is difficult for you, you can begin by trying this modified plank position.
Modified Plank Position
If you’re able to do this exercise at least 3 times a week, I guarantee your abs will become flatter and you’ll begin to see a difference in your abs.  I did!
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