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Epilepsy Isn't Going To Stop Riley from Becoming a Star

Twelve-year-old Rylie Behr is starring in her first feature film, and it just happens to be in 3D! A huge accomplishment for any young actress, Rylie is overcoming obstacles on and off screen.

In 2003, Rylie was diagnosed with epilepsy. Since that time, she has been learning how to accomplish her goals while still caring for and listening to her body. She has learned that the things that make her different health-wise are actually just small pieces that are part of her but not the complete definition of her life. Those learning curves have taught her a lot about herself and have made her a stronger, more compassionate person. As an actor, these experiences have contributed to and aided her in harnessing emotions that can be hard for even the most experienced professional actors.

Tracie Behr, Rylie’s mom, said “Rylie is so happy to share her story with people, because she has had epilepsy as long as she can remember. She is able to do whatever she sets her mind to and is keenly aware that her body needs the TLC that so many of us put off. I think an important part of epilepsy is seeing that it is something that is a part of a person's life, but it is not the only thing. She has learned to have a caring heart that also is very determined due to her epilepsy and that is a real gift.”

This June, Rylie will appear in the motion picture I HEART SHAKEY, a family comedy, with Steve Lemme (Super Troopers, Beerfest), Steve Guttenberg (Police Academy franchise), Beverly D’Angelo (National Lampoon’s Vacation movies) and Alfonso Arau (Three Amigos, Like Water for Chocolate).
“Rylie is one of the most inspired and professional actresses I know. “ The film’s director Kevin Cooper stated, “It was my pleasure working alongside such a skilled and honest actor like Ry-Ry; I can’t wait to do another film with her!”

Rylie plays Chandler, a 9-year-old girl who moves from a small town to Chicago alongside her widower father and devoted mutt, Shakey. They are forced to get rid of her dog after he wreaks havoc in their new apartment building. The film is a heart-warming, family-friendly comedy that spotlights the importance of loyalty and keeping the family together.

“I was drawn to the role of Chandler since she was someone from a small town that had to face the challenges of moving to a big city.” Rylie goes on to explain, “This was similar to when I moved from a small town in rural Iowa to the city. Chandler was a bit of a tomboy and wasn’t scared to be herself. My family is very important to me and I liked that this movie emphasizes how family togetherness is more important than money, possessions or fame.”

I HEART SHAKEY will be available nationwide on Video on Demand (V.O.D.) on June 15th, and in select theaters June 29th. I HEART SHAKEY is distributed by Phase 4 Films in North America.

For more information on I HEART SHAKEY, visit:
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