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Clinically-Proven Device Guaranteed to Kill up to 99 Percent of Disease-Causing Germs Tracked into Homes via the Soles of Shoes

A new company in Nevada announced today the immediate availability of the HealthySole™ System, a non-chemical disinfection system for the soles of shoes. The HealthySole system is the first clinically proven UVC germicidal device available to the public, guaranteed to kill up to 99 percent of disease-causing germs that shoes carry throughout households, workplaces and hospitals.

“With news reports of quickly-spreading Ebola and Enterovirus outbreaks, coupled with the onset of Flu season, public peace of mind is at an all-time low,” says HealthySole CEO Robert Kassel. “Everyone is searching for solutions to safeguard their families and friends. We’ve developed a line of defense that can help prevent contamination in homes and businesses from not only life-threatening diseases, but also from the common bacteria and germs we walk on every day.”

HealthySole, a roadblock to the germ superhighway, is designed with patented encapsulated UVC lamps that utilize 100 percent green, safe, laboratory-proven UVC light—the same light that has been effectively used as a germ disinfectant for over 100 years.

To use, simply place the HealthySole unit at the front door and step onto it for 8 to 10 seconds when entering indoor environments. The rechargeable battery-operated system lasts two weeks, and fits every size shoe, with an additional template included for children.

“The bottom of your shoes come into contact with many germs including Mercer, E.coli, and Streptococcus” says Peter Kassel, president of HealthySole. “The HealthySole device provides an extremely effective line of defense that kills up to 99 percent of harmful germs—destroying them at the DNA level and ensuring your home doesn’t become a breeding ground for these germs.”

Prevention magazine cites the welcome mat as one of the top three germ offenders, ranking higher than a public toilet seat. Once imbedded into the mat, bacteria is transferred to every shoe with which it comes in contact, giving it a free ride into homes.

Studies conducted by Dr. Charles Gerba, professor at the University of Arizona and a recent ABC News segment, report that the amount of bacteria and other germs living on the bottom of shoes averages in the millions; up to 99 percent of which are transferred from the soles of your shoes to the floors of your home – including hardwood, tile and carpet. Children under the age of two are the most vulnerable to bacteria exposure, as they play on the floor and put their hands in their mouth as many as 80 timers per day. Even in homes where children aren’t present, just vacuuming or even moving quickly through the home can send the bacteria airborne—creating dangers for inhabitants of all ages. In addition, researchers have found that germs causing infections in the stomach, eyes and lungs can live longer on the soles of shoes than in other places.

An independent clinical study conducted by Dr. Wally J. Kowalski, one of the world’s foremost experts in UVC lighting, reveals that one application of Healthy Sole results in a 98.7 percent effective kill rate of Ebola and 60.4 percent for Enterovirus D68–significant numbers for these extremely-resistant, highly-dangerous organisms.

With a retail price of $269.00, Healthy Sole is now available for purchase through

  • HealthySole has been independently tested by leading UV research scientists.
  • The U.S. government, General Electric, Penn State University, CDC, Harvard Medical and many agencies worldwide have proven the effectiveness of UVC light on micro-organisms.
  • UVC is extremely effective against all microorganisms and diseases.
  • HealthySole™ offers a 90-day manufacture warranty.
ABOUT HEALTHYSOLE, LLC: The HealthySole™ management team has been developing safe UVC germicidal, chemical-free products for over 38 years. Members of the team include scientists and medical professionals who are worldwide innovators of green, safe UV germicidal technologies. HealthySole, LLC is based in Minden, Nevada. For more information, visit

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